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Good morning! It’s breakfast time!

Breakfast at Christophs Hotel in Schenna - just the perfect start into an adventurous day. The restaurant „The Taste“ offers every morning a rich breakfast buffet, with a large selection of tasty goodies to choose from. Whether sweet or savory, light or hearty, at Christophs every breakfast guest will find the right thing.

Have a nice day!

Yummy South Tyrolean and regional products. All freshly prepared and in fine weather served on our panoramic terrace.

Breakfast at Christophs

Daily 7.30 – 10.30 in the restaurant „The Taste“; complimentary for our hotel guests

Fresh from the oven

White & grain breads & rolls. Also South Tyrolean Vinschger Paarl or rye bread. Everything from the Schenna bakery. Also gluten-free.

The sweet ones

Sweet pastries such as croissants or homemade cakes. Among them, for example, Sacher, Linzer, marble cake or plum cake. Gluten-free pastries.

For your bread

Often homemade products. Various types of ham, salami and South Tyrolean bacon. Additionally honey selection, jams (even diet) and chocolate.

The milky ones

Milk, natural and fruit yogurts. Butter. Cheese Selection: classics such as Edam & Emmentaler, and also mold cheese and mozzarella. Also lactose-free.

Delicious egg dishes

Various eggs creations: boiled and scrambled eggs or fried eggs. Eggs containing dishes such as crepes. Of course, everything freshly prepared.

Invigorating cereals

Base cereals such as oats, wheat and corn flakes or chocolate cornflakes. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Also gluten-free.

Fresh from the garden

Local seasonal fruits and delicious regional vegetables. In addition, exotic fruits. Everything that comes on the plate, vital and fresh.

Hot pleasure

All specialty coffees such as espresso, latte or cappuccino. Large selection of teas: black tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, etc. Also hot chocolate.

Refreshing delight

Selection of juices such as apple or orange juice and many more. Also, naturally cloudy juices available. In addition, of course, fresh mineral water.

You are not a hotel guest at Christophs, but have heard of the delicious breakfast at Christophs Hotel? No problem: Even non-hotel guests are invited to have breakfast with us! Price: €15,00 per person.