Sehenswürdigkeiten in Schenna bei Meran in Südtirol

Discover the top sights in Schenna near Merano in South Tyrol

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Magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful nature, numerous accommodation options, friendly people – all of that distinguishes South Tyrol. Approximately 3km north-east of Merano in South Tyrol, surrounded by orchards and vineyards lies our beautiful village, Schenna – simply perfect place for your holidays in the surroundings of Merano in South Tyrol!

Glimpse into the history of Schenna

Previously Schenna was just a rural community, but in the last 50 years it has become one of the most important tourist destinations in South Tyrol. The history of Schenna dates back to the 12th century, when the name “Schenna” appeared for the first time. And who knows Schenna, can for sure agree, that the term ‘stage-like structure’, derived from the Latin word “scaene” fits perfectly for this sunny place in South Tyrol near Merano.

Sights in Schenna for culture lovers

Known for the warm climate, picturesque views and numerous leisure activities, Schenna won’t disappoint also culture lovers. Wandering through the village you can admire the Mausoleum, St. Martin’s Church, the Habsburg castle of Schenna or visit the old and the new parish church. If you prefer not to visit these sights in Schenna in South Tyrol on your own, then you’re welcome to book one of the sightseeing tours. You’ll be amazed at how much culture so small village like Schenna has to offer! So, if you want to spend your holiday here in Schenna near Merano, then you should definitely take a look at the top sights right in the center of Schenna.

Explore most important sights in Schenna near Merano in South Tyrol

Sights in Schenna -  Castle Schenna near Merano in South Tyrol, Italian Alps

Castle Schenna

It was built around 1350 by Petermann of Schenna. Before it was purchased by the Archduke Johann of Austria in 1845, it was owned by the Starkenberger and the Lichtensteiner families. The castle has been in the possession of and inhabited by the descendants of Archduke Johann, the Earls of Merano. The chambers accommodate a vast collection of arms, a gallery with paintings and portraits representing the Habsburgs and numerous art-historical objects concerning the history of Tyrol. Remarkable: Archduke Johann’s memorabilia including his largest collection of Andreas Hofer and Fayenceofen placed in Renaissance Knights’ Hall. Castle Schenna is still inhabited by his descendants.

Tourist Attractions in Schenna near Merano - Mausoleum


The architect prof. Moritz Wappler from Vienna made the draft of the Mausoleum, which was then built in the years from 1860 to 1869 for Archduke Johann, as his wish was to be buried in the Tyrol. Also his family members were buried in Schenna: his wife Anna Plochl from Alt Aussee, his son Franz Earl of Merano with wife Theresia, Duchess Lamberg. The neo-gothic building is made of red sandstone and the crypt of granite. In the upper part of the Mausoleum there is a Johannes Chapel and underneath the tomb with the white marble sarcophagus. From the Mausoleum ones enjoys a wonderful view over the entire surrounding of Scena and Merano, called the “Burggrafenamt”.

Attractions in Schenna near Merano - New Parish Church

New Parish Church

The construction of New Parish Church started in 1914, but it was not finished until 1931, due to the break out of the first world war. The chancel is decorated with the sculptures of the twelve apostles. Moreover, there is a beautiful and impressive representation of the stations of the Cross carved by Johann Mury. The stained glass windows come from the Tyrolean Institute of Stained Glass in Innsbruck. The new organ was built by Franz Zanin from Udine in 1933 and was artistically decorated by Herbert Schönweger. It consists of 32 stops, Hauptwerk, choir division, pedal and has 2744 pipes.

Sights in Schenna near Merano in Sout Tyrol -  Martinskirche

St. Martin’s Church

This small Romanesque church dates back to the 12th century and it thus the oldest historic monument. Nowadays it is used as a mortuary. The building has two naves, each with a round apse and two central pillars and was built according to Carolingian measure.



Christopher Hotel: ideal starting point

Thinking of spending your holiday in Schenna? Check out Christophs Hotel! Located directly in the center of Schenna near Merano, it offers the best starting point for your excursions and sightseeing tours. A lot of sights can be reached from our hotel on foot or you can reach them easily and conveniently using public buses starting in front the hotel. Last, but not least, the most important sights, like the Castle of Schenna, Mausoleum or the New Parish Church, you can admire daily from your room balcony!

So, do not hesitate any longer….we really look forward to welcome you here in Schenna soon!

Malwina & Christoph Hölzl
& yours Christophs Hotel Team



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