Insider tips for your family holiday in Schenna in South Tyrol

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Are you planning a family holiday in Schenna in South Tyrol? Discover the best insider tips for your family holiday in Schenna!

Have you ever been on holiday with your children in Schenna in South Tyrol? No? It’s about time to make a family holiday in Schenna! I’m sure you and your children will love it, because there is so much to discover and to do! Great excursions, playing in the nature, riding horses, climbing, discovering new playgrounds, cuddle up to me and much more. I think, that will be much fun for you! Do you want to offer your child/children a special family holiday in Schenna? Discover now, what Schenna and South Tyrol can offer to you and your family!

Great activities for your children directly in Schenna!

Just one minute’s walk from our hotel, you’ll find a playground behind the mausoleum, where your children can play and have fun. In summer your children can splash into the water in the panoramic outdoor pool in Schenna. There are also a fantastic water slide, 4 bowling alleys and 2 tennis courts. Enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful view every year from May to September 9 am to 7 pm daily.

I’m going to tell you a secret but pssssssssssst….We now have new indoor and outdoor swimming pool at Christophs Hotel **** in Schenna! Now you can have fun directly in the hotel and relaxing in the outdoor whirlpool or just lay down and enjoy a bit of South Tyrolean sun! I can tell you, it’s fantastic!

What about playing Minigolf ? That’s a funny activity for your family holiday! It lies at the junction Schennastraße-Pichlerstraße. and can be reached easily on foot from Christops Hotel ****.

It’s also possible to visit the petting zoo on the Taser Alm, were you can visit pygmy goats, ducks, hens, ponies and rabbits and with a bit of luck you can also help to feed them! After that experience you have to possibility to play with me on the playground with Indian world, slides, sandbox, a lookout tower and a little cable railway.

There’s another great way to discover Schenna on your family holidays: on the back of a horse. South Tyrol offers you a various program, from the ride out in the nature to the guided rides for kids. More exciting activities can be find on the weekly children program and if you like to relax without your children, we can organize a nanny or I will take care of your children.

Experience the animal side of South Tyrol

If you want to spend your family holiday in Schenna, then make sure you visit all my friends. There are many wild parks, farms and also petting zoos in South Tyrol, where your children can meet cute rabbits, sheep, goats, horses and other animals. If you want to, I can come with you and I’ll present them all to you.

If you want to admire huge birds of prey from close up, then I recommend you to visit the bird care centre in Dorf Tirol near Meran and Schenna. It would be the best if you inform yourself when the daily flight shows take place, so you’re not going to miss them.

Grunting, hisses, bleating, howling and tweet. Do you know which of these sounds fit to which wild animal? No? Then it’s about time to visit the Gustav Mahler Wild Animal Park in Toblach. Its vast compound is home to roe deer, raccoons, lynxes and deer, as well as to mouflons, buzzards, pigs and pheasants. Learn all the animal sounds and we can then make a game with that! That will be fun!

Outdoor fun in adventure parks and high rope gardens

If you’re brave enough, then you’ll maybe challenge yourself in the high rope garden in Terlan. Thrills guaranteed- here I won’t come with you because I get nervous just looking! There’s a great parkour for the children with many challenges and ou can even go to the heavy parkour which lie from10 to 65 feet high among trees or poles. Your whole family can train their self-confidence, balance, skills and courage. We’ll see who overcomes his weaker self!



Funny Alpin Bob and Luckies Kinderland

If your children enjoy playing in the snow and toboggan, then definitely don’t miss the mountain roller coaster in Meran 2000. The high speed will ensure an adventurous holiday experience. There’s also a great photo souvenir for you with your driving speed! After that your children can play with others on the outdoor playground while you can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather in Schenna on your family holiday.

Short walks and little hikes for the whole family

Enjoy and discover Schenna and the environs by foot. The various landscape is perfect for hiking, also for the little ones.

We know outdoor activities with babies and infants aren’t always easy, but there are many hiking paths in Schenna which can be passed with baby carriage.

This gives you the possibility to have fun all together and to enjoy the nature and the fresh air in Schenna.


Indoor climbing halls , if the weather doesn’t play along

There are various indoor climbing halls in South Tyrol  which address to beginners as well as to advanced at the same time. I’ve tried to reach the top, but that wasn’t easy at all! That’s why I’m curious to see how you will do! The closest one’s are in Merano, St. Leonhard and Bozen.

Daily trips for your family holiday in Schenna

If you want to offer your children a very special fun, then you should not miss the adventure park Gardaland. He lies on the shores of the lake Garda, approximately one and a half hour’s drive from Schenna. It would be the best if you could take off eary in the morning, because there are so many funny and adventurous attractions to discover , like Ice Age 4D for the children and the most extreme rollercoaster of Italy for the bravest among you. Not too distant from Gardaland you can find another theme park called Canevaworld, which consists of an amusement and a great water park.

Still more activities around Schenna

I could write a whole book about things to do on your family trip in Schenna, but I think it would be the best if you come directly to the Christophs Hotel **** in Schenna! So we can all together plan your perfect family holiday in Schenna and give all the information necessary for the funniest family holiday you’ve ever experienced!

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