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Schnutz' Hunde-Blog über Christophs Hotel, Schenna und Umgebung

Woof Woooof Wooooffff, uh … I mean of course, about me

Hi! I’m Schnutz, a really social 2 year old boxer, which barks, uh … likes to talk a lot. I’m actually already kind a large, have a lot of muscles and weigh almost 40 kg. When I was a puppy, I moved into the Christophs Hotel in Schenna. In a place like that happens a lot, I can tell you! Actually it’s never boring here!


Facts about me:

  • I have a very big canine heart, almost as big as my hunger
  • I’m a little bit clumsy and a yellowbelly – small pets and unfamiliar noises are frightening to me
  • love to play with children (no worries, despite my strength I can be really cuddly)
  • enjoy a lot to be stroked or petted on head
  • love treats! (this word works like a spell on me!)
  • love to lie on my couch and hide between cushions
  • Woof! is my favorite word, so get used to it – you will hear it often!


About my world

In Christophs Hotel and Schenna, where I live, there is so many things to do! Of course, I do a lot of sports – simply love to romp in the nature of South Tyrol and I will tell you, what you can do here in Schenna and Christophs. And don’t think I’m a slowpoke! Quite the contrary! I am as often as possible on my canine legs and visit events and parties too! Ohh…it’s gonna be exciting!

Christophs Hotel in Schena bei Meran in Südtirol, Italien


In my blog you’ll find basically posts about:

  • the area, hiking and excursions, leisure activities
  • spots with the best nesh and delicious drinks
  • recipes (stolen from our chef – I can’t cook, but I love to eat well!)


Do you wanna know what happens in my everyday life? From now on I’m gonna tell stories about my family, our hotel and this beautiful area. So stay tuned! Until next time!

Woof Woof Wau Woof!, Schnutz

ps: Have you ever been in Schenna? Share your memories with us! Woof!